Saturday, 16 August 2008

Week one of the diet

I'm nearly 40 and weigh 11stone 4 lb.

I've been meaning to lose some weight for a while now but haven't quite got round to it. So this week my diet started.

I've tried to stick to 1500 calories a day but to be honest this week I'm guessing and counting in my head.

I've also started exercising. I've started again using my eliptical cross trainer. Gently though as it kills if you overdo it to start with. Who am I kidding, it kills all the time!
First night I did some I did a bit of trampolining too to warm up and down. Did about 10 minutes worth and felt worn out.
Second night I 19 minutes on the trainer and another 8 or so minutes bouncing on the mini trampet.
Last night I did 21 minutes on the cross trainer and 9 minutes on the trampoline. My legs feel a ibt stiff today.

I've found its easier to keep motivated during exercise is I've got music on I enjoy. So I've got my ipod plugged into the stereo and am listening to some great tunes as I go.

I've been very red in the face after this exercise. My pulse hasn't gone over 135 though. Which sounds high.
The trampoline is good for walking on the spot, jogging and jumping.

Breakfast for me is normally swiss style museli (tesco value, its very yummy and easy to eat) but this week I've got morrisons own crunchy nut cornflakes and today I had them with low fat yoghurt.

I think I will have to start looking at counting calories properly or at least weighing things out to make sure my portions aren't too big.
I'm going to bring my little weights down too to mmy exercise room to do some arm strenghtening too.

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