Wednesday, 20 August 2008


My son wants chinese food for tea. I don't cook chinese food very well so it means takeaway. He's moaning that we never have chinese food. This is not quite true but it's an easy way to ruin the diet eating takeaway.

So should I give in and indulge myself in some delicious noodles? Or offer him some home cooked cuisine?

I know he'll probably have chinese food when he goes to his dads at the weekend so I'm not too worried on him missing out - but I wold like to be able to have the treat of a takeout with him sometimes.

I love crispy duck but that's quite greasy even though you get plenty of veggies with it.
Perhaps I should get the menus out and have a look at what they have that has plenty of veg in it.

You have to find ways of living with the family and not being in a food bubble. Takeaway is a fairly normal part of people's lives. We don't eat it very often anyway so as a treat its fine. But a calorie worry all the same.

Its very normal to struggle with these problems, but you have to be able to diet on.

So if I eat only half (and leave leftovers in the fridge for another meal)
Pick something less fatty
Pick something with plenty of veggies

Then that's a compromise enough.

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