Friday, 29 January 2010

This week's diet

This week's diet has been interrupted several times. Things like lunches out, large Sunday roasts all put a strain on your diet. Without being a social leper you have to join in these things are and so have to develop coping techniques. Picking something delicious but healthy on the menu can sometimes be tricky. Sometimes picking a basic sandwich can result in huge plateful of sandwich packed with meat and salad, which is bad really as long as it's not so it's in butter or mayonnaise. A healthy salad can be unhealthy when drowned in a dressing. Picking fried food is an obvious no-no.

Sometimes a treat is what you need, and as long as you have saved up some extra calories, syns or points then you should be fine. If you have to do it a couple of times in a week, it can get quite stressful having to juggle your entire diet so much.

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