Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Exercise more exercise

I only managed 20 minutes the last two days but I have been out for a walk both days.
It's hard work exercising every day and you need to do something thats

(a) very easy
(b) convenient
(c) enjoyable

A neighbour was telling me all their exercise equipment folds up and stores away (Or has clothes hung on it!) and this is part of the problem - that we do fold away exercise equipment and that makes it more effort to do exercise.
My cross trainer and trampoline are left out in my study all the time. If I had to drag chairs about to put them out I'd just not bother.

So when you plan your exercise routine - find something that is easy to sort out. If you like to shop every day, then work out how far the local shop is and walk a bit faster there and round. That way you might be able to do chored and exercise too!

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